Leading management consulting firm McKinsey & Company released a report on how executives can leverage social media to shape consumer decision making.

The report lays out the four primary functions of social media:

  1. Monitor
  2. Respond
  3. Amplify
  4. Lead

The report further describes Amplify as the following:

“Amplification” involves designing your marketing activities to have an inherently social motivator that spurs broader engagement and sharing. This approach means more than merely reaching the end of planning a marketing campaign and then thinking that “we should do something social”—say, uploading a television commercial to YouTube. It means that the core concepts for campaigns must invite customers into an experience that they can choose to extend by joining a conversation with the brand, product, fellow users, and other enthusiasts.

All of us here at GaggleAMP have been talking about the benefits of amplifying social media efforts for quite some time. We are glad to see our friends at McKinsey & Company defining what we do as part of best practices for incorporating social media into the broader business strategy.

Read the full report here.