How GaggleAMP's Marketo Integration Works

How GaggleAMP's Marketo Integration Works

Marketing automation systems are a great tool to have in your arsenal when activating social media strategies. They help cut back on the ‘busy work’ of getting your marketing messages out to popular networks. The downside is that many folks find that the reporting of analytics can become difficult to follow from the original sales message all the way down to a specific lead. How did that lead come to you? Was there an original source? Cue: GaggleAMP’s Marketo Integration.

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When marketers are analyzing their efforts and tracing leads or sales back to the source that stirred the interest of a user in the first place, the roadblock that typically bars them is the multitude of systems that chain-links its way through your marketing strategies. GaggleAMP’s Marketo Integration now gives you a full closed-loop system from the original marketing source all the way down to the sale or lead, showing you the full chain of events from beginning to end.

This system can be set up from the Manager View of your Dashboard on GaggleAMP. Within the system, you can trace parameters based on several pre-installed values:

  • Campaign Source (utm_source): Originating Gaggle Name
  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium): Social Network
  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign): GaggleAMP Campaign Name
  • Campaign Content (utm_content): Message Text

And enabling this integration is easy! Simply go to your Gaggle Settings and update your profile to ‘Connect to Marketing Automation’. Here, you can select which parameter settings you’d like to utilize for this closed-loop tracking system.

Gaggle setting page inside the GaggleAMP platform

 Utilizing these built-in parameters is a great way to get a feel for the system, and from there, you can finagle parameters to meet your needs.

GaggleAMP’s Marketo Integration is a must-have for anyone who deals with the analytics behind your marketing efforts.

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