A Tipping Point for Every Message

A Tipping Point for Every Message

Too often, company social media activity consists of creating great content, then promoting it via a single Tweet and maybe a Facebook Page post. Their belief is that their thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook Page “Likers” will see this great message and want to visit their content. They spend time and resources to create great content, then inevitably, it withers on the vine of their website.

As a marketing professional, ask yourself some simple questions the next time that you post a corporate Tweet, how many Retweets did I get? How many click throughs did I get? Essentially, what you want to know is of the hundreds or thousands of followers that your corporate social media assets have, how many of them actually see your post? The answer is probably not as many as you might think. Because socia media is like a “TickerTape”, only a small portion of your followers may be seeing your messages. Therefore you need to enlist the help of others to amplify the impact of these messages. Think of it this way, you are spending money top create content, but you are falling short on getting the word out on that content.

Take the necessary steps to insure that every message you put out on social media has the benefit of reaching a tipping point in which it has the best chance of getting shared, read and acted upon. How do you do this? It’s a simple concept. You let people know that you have posted. “Well, what if they already follow me, don’t they know”, you may be asking yourself. Sadly, the answer is no. Most of your followers will not be be aware that you posted. This is why you need to amplify the message by proactively telling your stakeholders (employees, partners & customers) that you have new messages that you want them to share. GaggleAMP does this by proactively emailing your stakeholders to let them know. However, you need to go further. You have to make it easy for them to share the message. The “please cut and paste email” to your employees never works well. GaggleAMP uses a binary approach that allows the stakeholder to share the message or say no thanks. The result of making it easy for stakeholders to share messages is more shared messages.

As messages are shared by your stakeholders, you both increase the reach of the messages and their lifespan. Next time you post your corporate social media messages, think about what stakeholders you have that could share your messages, then engage them. Do this effectively and you can create a tipping point for every message.

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