Your Social Presence is More Than Sharing

Your Social Presence is More Than Sharing

Organizations looking to expand their digital presence typically try to find ways to extend their reach on social media.

Of course, social media is important, and you should make an effort to improve the engagement your brand receives. Having said that, it’s also important to know there are other ways you can improve your digital presence outside of sharing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that can have a big impact on your business.

Organizations that have strong employee advocacy programs with GaggleAMP know there are many activities you can request employees carry out. Typically, the most commonly requested activities revolve around sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but there are some incredibly useful activities that you should incorporate into your strategy.

Here, we dive into some activities you might not be using but probably should.

Employee Review Sites

As a marketer, you might not be thinking of what you can do to help your Human Resources department develop their talent pool, but you can easily provide a huge boost, and they’ll greatly appreciate you for it.

There’s nothing wrong with winning over your HR team. Some of the activities you could request your employees do include writing reviews on Glassdoor, Indeed, Facebook and Google. Glassdoor and Indeed are not social media websites, but they are social by nature.

Think about how useful this is. Let’s say your company has a low rating on one of these sites, or has a good rating but not that many reviews. One bad review could severely bring down your company’s rating.

A very simple way to overcome this problem is to send out a request to your employee advocates to write a review on one of these sites. People in your employee advocacy program have an affinity for your organization. That’s why they agree to promote your brand on social media on a regular basis. These are exactly who you want, and who HR wants, writing glowing reviews about your brand on these sites.

You should send these requests to a few employees at a time, that way you don’t have multiple people all writing their reviews on the same day. And just like any request you send to your advocates, it’s voluntary. So if they want to write a positive review about your brand, they will, but they don’t have to.

This isn’t someone saying something nice about you on social media or retweeting one of your posts. This is a detailed, stellar review of your brand that contributes to your overall rating on a job platform.

You don’t need everyone in your employee advocacy program to write a review of your organization on all four of these websites, but just a few people on each site will greatly improve the digital representation of your brand.

Blog Engagement

If there’s a blog post or article your organization is mentioned in, you can request your employees comment it.

Having multiple employees share their two cents in the comments of an article can influence how the article is received by other readers, and it can lead to the conversation people have in the comments.

Let’s say the blog is about your industry. Employees could recommend your organization, or share your organization's view of the issue the article is about. If the article mentions your company specifically, your employees can share their opinion of your brand.

But maybe the article or blog is on your website, and you’d like employees to get a discussion going in the comments for other readers to engage with.

As you can see, this action has many use cases. When your employees read the blog, they might go ahead and share it on social media on their own and write a unique and well-thought-out caption to go with it. That’s great for you if it’s a piece of content you’d like them to promote, and an excellent way to get a deeper level of engagement from them and their followers.

Another great activity you can request of employees is voting in online polls.

Is your company in a contest where people can vote on a website? Up for a Webby award? Has an executive been nominated for something? With GaggleAMP, you can request that your employees go and vote in the contest. You’ll greatly increase your chances of getting the results you want in the poll.

Boost Credibility

For employees in your business to have an authoritative voice in your industry, you want to boost their personal brand and their credibility on industry topics.

There are great ways to do that on social media, but you can do that on other websites as well. Quora is a great example. If you see a question on industry topics on Quora, you can request certain employees answer the question. By selecting people you know would be helpful with a specific question, it shows off their knowledge and insights on industry topics and boosts their credibility.

Get Noticed

Do you want to get the attention of someone online? Maybe it’s a reporter, a prospect, an analyst, or an influencer. There are different actions you can take to do this. You can have employees engage with one of their posts by liking it or commenting on it, following them on social media, and more.

Here’s a great example. Let’s say a reporter recently interviewed someone at your company for a news story, and you want this reporter to conduct more interviews with your employees in the future. When they post the news story that features the interview, you can have all your employees engage with this post. The reporter will be more inclined to return to your company for interviews in the future.

There are many actions you can take to expand your digital presence outside of just sharing posts on social media. Sharing is great, but we’ve gone over several other ways you should incorporate into your strategy.

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