Harnessing Employees’ Social Media Reach

Harnessing Employees’ Social Media Reach

Social media policies are written and implemented to guide employees on using social media responsibly and hopefully prevent negative social media firestorms. However, companies find the best success with employee social media usage via employee advocacy - using the social media reach and audiences of employees to relay positive company news and information.

Fifty percent of employees already post messages, photos, or videos about their employers, according to a recent study.  Unlike the typical command-and-control dissemination of information that many large companies are used to, social media turns many of the rules of communication on its head. Increasingly, companies may discover that some of their front-line, hourly employees can introduce a story to a bigger online audience, eager to share intriguing stories vs. the efforts of corporate communications executives. Smart companies, and many Fortune 1000 companies, are harnessing employee advocacy.

How Can Companies Master Employee Advocacy?
Encourage employees through relaxed, but common sense, social media policies. Companies can encourage employees to be company advocates via social media - while also being responsible and careful about their social media usage.

Everyone uses social media differently. Some employees may be die-hard Instagram users and love taking and sharing photos. Some employees may enjoy sharing their photos via Facebook, but not Instagram. Some employees may not care for Facebook but are passionate Pinterest users. While others may spend their time on Twitter. Be sure to deliver content in a format that your employees will use.

Strong employee advocacy programs will create a wide variety of company-specific content for a range of social media platforms - texts, tweets, photos, videos, etc. And the content itself can vary widely - silly/funny photos designed to elicit a laugh vs. photos carefully composed for an emotional reaction.

With a wide variety of compelling content created for employees to share, companies should strongly consider using smart tools and platforms such as GaggleAMP to help drive their successful employee advocacy. Without tools such as GaggleAMP, marketers and corporate communications professionals are quickly overwhelmed with how to efficiently share content they’re creating with employees.

Smart employee advocacy tools, such as GaggleAMP, offer marketers an easy and effective way to share myriad content with employees while giving employees the opportunity to share company-specific content that is of interest to them and their audiences. In addition, marketers and corporate communicators can easily view constantly updated analytics and stats on the effectiveness of their employee advocacy via social media.

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