Informatica Powerfully Equips Employees via GaggleAMP

Informatica Powerfully Equips Employees via GaggleAMP


Informatica’s software helps enterprises make data easy to use. They turned to GaggleAMP to help their employees share branded content with their individual social connections.

The results have been outstanding, including the following milestone:

  • One million impressions in 48hrs from employee amplification

About: Data Powers Business and Informatica Powers Data. Over 7000 customers rely on Informatica for their data management needs across Cloud, On-premise, Big Data & Hybrid environments. Piyush Prem serves as a Senior Social Media Specialist. Piyush played a crucial role in developing and deploying Informatica’s employee advocacy program.

Organic Reach Throttled by Social Network Algorithms

As the need for advertising revenue became pronounced, many social networks made algorithm changes to reduce organic reach. All across the social web, consumer and enterprise brands watched as engagement fell, month over month. However, Informatica didn’t hesitate. Piyush immediately began pursuing new methods to connect with high volumes of prospects, customer and influencers on social channels.

Fortunately, the Informatica employee base had a high willingness to participate in social amplification. What they lacked was time. For this reason, Piyush knew he’d need to find an employee activation solution that was easy to use and highly effective. That solution was GaggleAMP.

“Informatica employees are proud of our company. In addition, most enjoy participating on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn,” Piyush offered. “However, many employees don’t have time to compose their own Informatica-related posts for these networks on a regular basis. GaggleAMP allows the Social Media Marketing team to compose suggested content for the employees. We then provide access to this content, allowing them to share (or ignore) each suggested post with a single click. By using GaggleAMP, we help our employees improve their individual online presence. In turn, they help the company by allowing us to reach exponentially more people.”

How GaggleAMP Helped

Informatica has activated over 700 global employees using GaggleAMP, over 20% of the company. Employees quickly embraced the tool, which made social sharing as simple as a click of a mouse. The platform is so intuitive that very little enablement was needed for onboarding.

“When first rolled out a Gaggle to our R&D team and explained the potential impact and value, the adoption rate was incredible:150 engineers joined in two days!”

GaggleAMP has allowed Informatica to reach new audiences around the world. This has increased global brand awareness, educating new market segments about their product and services offerings.

Employee Advocacy Results

GaggleAMP has enabled Informatica to leverage the collective networks of their employees to expand audience reach. During a recent event, they were able to drive over one million employee driven impressions in just two days. 

Informatica has also seen how GaggleAMP helps different departments feel more involved in the company’s marketing efforts. As a result of the deployment, employees from HR, R&D, Sales and Finance now actively contribute to the corporate marketing effort. By allowing internal brand champions to easily share their expertise, GaggleAMP has helped Informatica increase employee morale while reaching a broader global audience.

GaggleAMP GA2 Employee Advocacy Demo Video


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