Engaged Employees are Loyal Employees

Engaged Employees are Loyal Employees

Happy Employees Tend to Want to Share Content and be more Engaged with your Company

Employee engagement and loyalty go hand-in-hand, oftentimes with each influencing each other equally. For instance, an engaged employee is more likely to feel loyalty to the company because they have ‘more skin in the game’, while a loyal employee is more likely to respond by being more engaged on social media by ‘sharing the good news’! Download this eBook to develop a social strategy that involves your employees.  Indeed, one can generally gauge how happy their employees are based on their engagement and loyalty. Let’s take a closer look at engagement, loyalty, and the impacts that each can have on your company as a whole.

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Employee Engagement

Happy employees tend to want to share content and be more engaged with your company in general. In order to gain a better insight into employee engagement, have a look at your GaggleAMP analytics. When checking out these statistics, ask yourself the following:

  • How often was your content shared, and by whom?
  • How many people actually shared your last press release on their own accord?
  • Do the same employees tend to share content more than others?
  • Is there a difference between employees who share your content more often and those who don’t?

By asking yourself these questions, you’ll start to see trends emerging with who is most engaged, how effective their engagements are, and how authentic those engagements appear to be. Then you can take those answers and apply them to action.

Employee Loyalty

When employees interact on social media and engage with users by promoting your company content, they’re putting themselves out there for retribution. Indeed, they’re investing themselves towards the promotion of your company, and that fact should not be taken lightly!

Employees who have ‘more skin in the game’ tend to feel a higher sense of loyalty and involvement with their company. When employees are engaged in creating and fostering relationships on social media, they’re solidifying their role as part of the company. The result is an employee who is more likely to stick around for the long haul who tend to feel a bigger sense of pride in their work and loyalty with their company.

The Interaction Therein

When an employee shares your content and is highly engaged, there are a series of processes occurring that should be taken into consideration:

  • “This company is a great place to work.”
  • “I made a great choice to work here.”
  • “This is why.”

Each step in the process, when identified on its own, gives managers key insights into what it actually takes for an employee to make the conscious decision to being engaged. They’re typically happy working for your company, feel pride in their decision, and are proud enough to spread the word through social media postings. They’re also more likely to be loyal, and those with more engaged employees can see the reflection in their retention rates as well.

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