Employee Amplification: A Must Have For Businesses Of All Sizes

Employee Amplification: A Must Have For Businesses Of All Sizes

Promoting content and initiatives are complex for organizations of all sizes, but employee amplification helps in a big way.

Small and large businesses often have different priorities when it comes to their social media and content strategies. For instance, SMBs want to boost brand awareness but find it challenging to stand out in a crowd of larger competitors. Conversely, large enterprises want to promote more specific initiatives that they’re part of but have a hard time gaining recognition through self-promotion. Despite their differences, employee amplification can solve both these problems.

Employee amplification works by using employee social media accounts as part of a company’s marketing efforts, whether it’s to share content, retweet posts, and more. When employees contribute to an employee advocacy program, it’s a very powerful component of any social media strategy.

Here, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of employee amplification for each type of organization.

Small and medium-sized businesses

Again, SMBs try to find ways to boost brand awareness while competing against companies that are often much larger, with bigger marketing teams and marketing budgets. But in today’s world of digital marketing, a bigger budget doesn’t always lead to success.

When competing with those who have more money for advertising and marketing campaigns, it’s important to make every dollar count. Employee amplification costs far less money to get the same results through advertisements.

When employees share brand messages, the reach is 561% further than when shared through a company handle, according to the Marketing Advisory Network. This really comes as no surprise. Each employee has their own audience of people their organization was not previously connected. If just 10 employees with 400 followers each share a post, it’ll reach 4,000 people. If the number of employees or followers is higher, the results are even better.

Employee amplification opens the door to a much larger audience at a much lower cost, and that’s a huge benefit to SMBs.

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Large enterprises

A large enterprise isn’t as focused on spreading brand awareness as much as an SMB is. Instead, they prioritize promoting specific initiatives such as events, products, campaigns, and more.

The problem when a company promotes their own initiative is it doesn’t always go over as well as it would if someone else promoted it for them. For example, if a large company posts, “we love our employees and we’re known for being a great place to work,” it might come off as self-serving and not as convincing. But if an employee of that same company posts, “I love my job, and my company is a great place to work,” it’s more believable and doesn’t seem like there is an agenda attached.

Another example is if a company posts that they donated to charity. Although it's a positive action, the announcement itself could come off as self-serving. It makes the company look better if one or more of their employees' posts that they’re proud of their organization for donating to charity.

With employee amplification, the source of these promotions is the employees rather than the company itself. Studies show that people trust posts from employee handles over the same posts from the company handles. People follow these employees because they respect, trust and listen to what they have to say. Employee amplification allows large enterprises to promote content in a way that’s far more influential.

The key to employee amplification is to do it right and make it easy for employees to take part in it. They need to be passionate about it and not feel like they are going out of their way to do something that isn’t part of their core responsibilities. Using a tool like GaggleAMP will help.

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