As a company, you spend a fair amount of time and financial investment in the creation of just the right marketing strategy. How you execute this plan, will impact all of your company’s campaigns and ultimately your results in engaging prospects and customers. In order for it to be fully effective employees should be part of the process.

As a core asset within your organization, your employees already have direct in-person and digital communication with your intended audience.  By failing to include them in development of the brand perspective, you are left with a chaotic and unaligned collection of people who may or may not be representing the message you actually wish to share.

You have two questions to ask here:

  1. Are your employees saying things that you want to resonate with your prospects and customers in support of your brand effort?
  2. Are you including employees in your marketing strategy in a manner that advances your branding mission?

Chances are, if you haven’t shared with your employees exactly what they should be saying and doing digitally or in-person, then there is a good chance that they are not on the same page with your corporation, which could impede the success of any marketing campaign.

Let's take a look at a good example of what can happen when you don't have everyone on the same pages. Imagine a fire hose as the funnel in which you are pushing your messages through.  If there are cuts along the hose, then when you try to push the watern (your message) through, you will lose water along the cuts. At the end of the hose, only a dribble of water comes out. These cuts represent your employees that are sharing a message that is not in line with your company’s marketing strategy from an engagement perspective. The lack of water pressure is indicative that your mission is not reaching a high number of prospects or customers. Essentially, you are failing to achieve the goals set forth in your marketing plan.

As a solution, communicate with your employees and include them as you plan your brand messaging. Inspire them to be a part of the engagement process, amplifying your message and achieving the desired success both within your company and beyond.

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