When Sales doesn’t hit quota, Marketing is the first team to get thrown under the bus. Every company experiences the battle that can happen between the two departments…Sales blames Marketing for lead quality or quantity. Then Marketing blames Sales for not doing enough with the leads that were provided.

So how can you end, or at least reduce, that ongoing fight? A shift in perspective, personal interactions and a long-term focus are the keys to turning Sales into an ally.

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In this upcoming webinar you'll learn:

  • Why a strong sales/marketing relationship is crucial for marketers
  • How to turn sales into an ally instead of an obstacle
  • Which Sales & Marketing interactions will help increase your conversion rates
Logan Webinar

Logan Mallory

Director of Digital Marketing



Logan Mallory is responsible for all things Demand Generation at Jive and has helped grow the Inside Sales team by almost 4x in the last 18 months. In addition to implementing typical digital best practices, Logan has found success in his role by aligning closely with sales and focusing on revenue instead of leads..

Brad Webinar

Bradley Yeater

Marketing Manager



Bradley Yeater is a Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP. He is responsible for demand generation and coordinating their annual AMPlify Marketing Conference.