Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics via UTM Parameters

Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics via UTM Parameters

Ar you currently using Google Analytics? Are you frustrated that at best, it tells you that your traffic is coming from Twitter or another social network? What many people don't do is to take advantage of better click source information. Google Analytics supports something called UTM parameters. These are additional information bits that are attached to the URL. The UTM parameters are extra information that the Web server does not need. For instance, the URL for this blog post is:

However, when we share this message within GaggleAMP, we add additional things to the URL. GaggleAMP&utm_medium=Twitter%20(GaggleAMP)&utm_content=26356-Tracking%20Social%20Media%20&utm_campaign=Blog%20Posts%20(GaggleAMP)

This looks nasty to the naked eye (which is one of the reasons why GaggleAMP shortens the URL), but it does a lot for tracking purposes. In this case, when someone clicks on the link, GaggleAMP is telling Google Analytics a few things:

  1. That the click was generated from a link created by GaggleAMP
  2. That the link was created for a Tweet
  3. That the click that had come from a specific Tweet (in this case, Tweet starting with Tracking Social Media)
  4. That the message is associated with a specific campaign (in this case we call the campaign Blog Posts)
This information comes in handy when you go to Google Analytics to see what is driving your traffic. Using GaggleAMP's integrated Google Analytics support, you can add great lead tracking information. Take this example of a Google Analytics report. Because GaggleAMP shares information with Google Analytics, tracking the impact back to a single social media message is easy.

Google Analytics Report 

If you do not use GaggleAMP, you can still add this tracking information to your URLs manually. Google provides this tool for building URLS that have UTM parameters built in. Visit Google's URL Builder Tool.

Try adding UTM parameters to the links you embed into your social messages. It is data that will help you make better decisions for messaging and placement.


Bradley Yeater

Bradley Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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