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The GaggleAMP Blog

The Voice of Your Stakeholders

Posted on 04/04/2017

Having a unified voice helps your employees to represent the culture of your company through high-quality digital engagement strategies that rely on employee advocacy. The single voice presents the message for the brand and the brand assets, no matter where the message is shared: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or elsewhere. In this light, when we think collectively about brand assets, we think about the message to be sent from a brand’s corporate center.

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Marketing, Strategy, Voice

Tapping the Collective Sales Voice

Posted on 11/11/2015

Tapping into a collective sales voice involves unifying your sales team under a common understanding, a sense of purpose, and a similar mindset.

Your sales team is comprised of a variety of personalities, and each sales person may approach leads and customers in completely different fashions. In fact, these differences are what can help lasso in a wide range of customers to begin with! While harnessing the power of personality within each employee is an important aspect to reaping the most benefits from your sales team, it’s also important to tap into the collective sales voice of your company as a whole. After all, your sales team is a team, and while there may be small individual differences between each person, the collective team must be unified in voice. Click here to read more about creating a sales harmony.

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Topics: Marketing, Sales, Sales Team, Sales Voice, Social Media in Corporate Communications, Team, Voice