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Using Twitter Lists Like a Pro

Posted on 11/20/2014

Ah, Twitter. You can’t live without it if you consider yourself social media savvy, and yet you may have never heard of or used Twitter lists! A Twitter list is a curated group of users created by you or someone else that help you easily and readily access that group at any given time. While you can’t send or direct Tweets to that list, you can reference it and read those public Tweets without actually having to ‘follow’ the users. When lists are created and made public, you have the ability to follow those lists as well! GaggleAMP helps extend your reach and expand your social circle, but it can quickly become a mess of random Tweets clogging your feed. Creating and following Twitter lists helps organize that mess. Here are a few tips to get you using Twitter lists like a pro!

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Topics: Social Media, Social Media in Corporate Communications, social media marketing, Twitter, Twitter Lists