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The GaggleAMP Blog

The History of Employee Engagement

Posted on 04/05/2016

At GaggleAMP, we’re constantly stressing the importance of employee engagement. From extending your social reach to boosting your marketing efforts, an engaged employee is one who has the ability to increase the effectiveness your brand’s social media strategy. But where did it all begin? Understanding the roots of what has evolved into employee engagement and how that now has adapted employees into becoming an integral part of marketing is a great way for your company to get a firm grasp on what it means to truly foster an employee engagement program.

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How to Turn Employees into Brand Advocates

Posted on 04/04/2016

Your employees are the backbone of your company’s success. As a key player in your social media marketing strategy, your employees have the ability to wear the hat of a brand marketer! Your reputation and brand image are not things that can be faked or bought, so employees who advocate your brand are essential to building a loyal network of engaged users and interested customers. GaggleAMP aims to utilize employees as advocates, and knowing how to empower your employees to become successful social media brand advocates can drive your social media campaign and gain your company traction in the virtual world.

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How Can I Leverage My Current Advocates?

Posted on 01/21/2016

98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, of which 50% are already posting about their company. However, finding your existing employee advocates can seem like finding a needle in haystack. So, where do you start? How do you identify your current advocates and, more importantly, how do you leverage them?

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Topics: Employee Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Social Media, Social Media in Corporate Communications, Social Strategy

Company Culture is Important When Launching an Employee Advocacy Program

Posted on 03/19/2015

While transforming employees into social media advocates is certainly a battle on its own, your company’s culture can influence the success rate of your efforts. The impact of your company culture is important when you’re launching your employee advocacy programs.

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Topics: Company Culture, Employee Advocacy, Employee Advocacy Program, Social Media in Corporate Communications, Social Strategy

Why Your Social Media Marketing Isn't Working

Posted on 02/02/2015

At GaggleAMP, our goal is to make your social media marketing technique effective and engaging, helping to increase lead generation and extend your reach further into the digital stratosphere of social media! For many, the issue starts before content is ever posted, crippling marketing efforts and hampering the effectiveness of social media strategies for your brand. From too much self-promotion to not enough unique content, there are many pitfalls that can hinder your social media efforts. Here are some of the most common mistakes that damage your efforts and can perhaps explain why your social media marketing isn’t working.

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Are Hashtags Still Necessary?

Posted on 01/15/2015

Connecting with users and extending your social reach involves creating content that is optimized to touch the largest number of users. At GaggleAMP, we utilize a wide array of methods to get the best results; one of those methods involves the use of hashtags. Relatively new to the game, hashtags have given users a way to connect with networks since 2009. They’ve extended into almost every social media platform available, and businesses continue to utilize these topic connections in order to reach like-minded networks of users. But are they still necessary?

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Generating Social Media Content

Posted on 12/11/2014

Your social media efforts are only as good as the content you share. While GaggleAMP aims to extend your social reach, the fact of the matter is that without engaging content, our efforts are as good as null. Fresh ideas are an integral part to generating new social media content, and there are a variety of outlets to help cue you into what will attract your ideal customer the most. While it’s not always easy to come up with new, engaging content, the effort you put into this endeavor is crucial to your marketing strategy and its success thereafter.

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Activate Your Brand's Social Advocates

Posted on 10/27/2014

Brand advocates play a critical role in the success of your social media strategy, and activating their potential can boost the success of your social media marketing! You’ve defined your objectives, trained advocates, and aligned training with current company policies. Your next step is to activate your advocate task force and put practice into action. Without action, a group of brand advocates does your company no good, and it’s been shown that companies who activate their advocates grow faster than those who don’t! At GaggleAMP, we want to show you how to activate your social advocates to improve your social media presence and track your virtual success.

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