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What about Google+?

Posted on 01/19/2015

Social media marketing is all about extending your reach through appropriate use of various social media platforms, but many times Google+ is left to the backburner. With a reputation for being less followed, less engaging, and less appealing to users, many brands find that taking the time to create an active Google+ account is simply useless. In fact, that idea cannot be further from truth, and we at GaggleAMP are here to help you enhance your social media strategy by ensuring that your Google+ account is reaping the most benefits and maximizing its potential! With 250 million+ users, Google+ can amplify your message and extend your social reach.

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The Three L's of Social Media - Location, Location, Location

Posted on 05/05/2013

You’ve probably heard about the real estate saying that value is determined by three things, location, location and location. What this means is that despite having a wonderful mansion, it’s value is diminished significantly if it is in the wrong neighborhood. The same holds true with social media. The different social networks are locations that you can put your messages on. Selecting where to put your messages is both an art form and a science.

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