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The GaggleAMP Blog

GaggleAMP's New LinkedIn/Slideshare Features

Posted on 05/25/2015

An effective social media marketing strategy relies heavily on exploring and taking advantage of new technologies and resources. GaggleAMP is constantly updating and adding features to make sure that we are providing all the tools you need to maintain a successful social media strategy. Here are some of the latest actions GaggleAMP has available:

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Social Media Tools to Improve Your Workflow

Posted on 01/22/2015

Brittany Berger is the Digital Content Marketing Supervisor at eZanga, and her expertise in building social media in content marketing is essential as a working tool for those who are constructing an effective social media strategy. While her input on content marketing as a whole is invaluable (check out her GaggleAMP Webinar here), there are several social media tools she recommends for improving workflow. In fact, creating a system that integrates these social media tools can boost your efforts by cutting down on time investments while streamlining the process entirely - all of which are priceless to the busy brand marketer!

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"GaggleAmp Review"

Posted on 07/17/2014
Check out this great review a Director in Marketing at a Market Research company with 1001-5000 employees and with 2 years of experience with the product left us on
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GaggleAMP Social Media Amplification Delivers Messages To 5 Million in Six Months

Posted on 10/17/2011

New Social Marketing Platform Delivers Social Media Campaigns, Measurement and Return on Investment for Companies & Brands

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