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Understanding and Calculating ROI for Social Media

Posted on 08/26/2012

Understanding and calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) for social media efforts can be elusive for some. However, more and more marketers are discovering that social media is not only a part of the marketing mix, but a crucial one. In this video taken from a live recorded webinar, we discuss the following:

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Our Customers Are Proving the Point

Posted on 03/27/2012

We need to take a moment to pay hommage to our customers. They believed in GaggleAMP and GaggleAMP delivered. Our customers understand that social media can be an engine that drives marketing results in a way previously un-attainable.  They see social media results such as Retweets, Likes and interactions. However, what drives our customer base is results. Social media is part of their marketing strategy and needs to have measurable ROI. GaggleAMP helps companies drive qualified traffic back to their websites. The results are increased eyeballs, lead counts and ultimately sales.

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GaggleAMP Empowers Agencies to Amplify and Show ROI for Social Media Efforts for Clients

Posted on 02/07/2012

Now Agencies can easily amplify, analyze and align social interactions, click-throughs, leads, savings and revenue.

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Turning Stakeholders Into Brand Advocates

Posted on 11/04/2011

Brand advocate seems to be a bit of a trendy term lately. What does this really mean to your company and how do you take advantage of this?

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Selling Social Media to Your Boss

Posted on 08/17/2011

Like any new marketing approach, getting your boss to understand the value of your efforts can be a challenge. Unlike other marketing approaches, social media activities should be done by many people in the company. In a perfect world, all of your employees will help spread the word through their own social media graph.

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