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5 Tips To Make Your B2B Social Media Strategy Stand Out

Posted on 01/18/2018

B2B social media marketing has its benefits, but it's not easy to master. A strong social media presence is important for any business, including B2B companies, because it's a great way to interact directly with your customers in an informal way. However, many organizations have trouble defining their social media strategy. The challenge is finding the best way to draw the most attention from the right audience. This is common for many organizations and important to address.

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Generating Social Media Content

Posted on 12/11/2014

Your social media efforts are only as good as the content you share. While GaggleAMP aims to extend your social reach, the fact of the matter is that without engaging content, our efforts are as good as null. Fresh ideas are an integral part to generating new social media content, and there are a variety of outlets to help cue you into what will attract your ideal customer the most. While it’s not always easy to come up with new, engaging content, the effort you put into this endeavor is crucial to your marketing strategy and its success thereafter.

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Social Promotion: Content Reuse

Posted on 08/27/2014

As you create a social promotion schedule while tactfully maneuvering around the pitfall of spam-like content, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to share your content multiple times in an appropriate and engaging manner. In order to design a valuable social media schedule, you’ll need to address some key questions and use your business’ responses as a guideline for social promotion. Sharing your content more than once requires tactful skill, great content, and a well-planned schedule.

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Get Daily Marketing and Social Media Content – Join our Gaggles

Posted on 06/06/2012

Are you a marketing or PR professional? Are you ever at a loss for things to Tweet about? Fear not. GaggleAMP is here to help. We encourage you to join any or all of the Gaggles listed below. What is a Gaggle you ask? It is a group of people who have asked to share the social messages of a company or organization. Some of the most innovative and popular social media folks manage Gaggles and provide a steady stream of great content that you can share to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. When you join a Gaggle, you will be notified when new messages are ready (usually daily). You decide which messages are right for your followers and share them.

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