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4 Tips to Help Employees Get Comfortable Using Social Media

Posted on 04/15/2016

Social media is an integral part to any successful company’s marketing strategy, and employees play a large role in its success. Unfortunately, many of your employees may not find the virtual world an inviting place, and getting comfortable may require a little assistance. Your company has unlimited potential to extending your social reach through employee advocacy. Getting all of your employees on board and acclimated on social media can help you achieve your goals.

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5 Statistics About Employee Engagement

Posted on 03/21/2016

Employee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or her organization, and your brand depends on it! The interactivity and engagement of your employees will boost your company beyond just ‘making a paycheck’ - it can increase profits, reduce turnover rates, and improve your social media campaigns. GaggleAMP relies on employees who are engaged with their company. Here are 5 statistics about employee engagement that may surprise you.

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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Job Description

Posted on 01/20/2016

Your social media marketer is someone who wears many hats, so their job description is constantly adapting and changing to suit the current online market today.

Social media is essential to your marketing strategy, and the folks you hire for the job are tasked with some of the most important aspects to the growth of your company. At its core, social media is about people, relationships, conversations, and the technology that integrates them all together. Your social media manager is thus tasked with handling your brand’s online presence and ensuring that your business interacts with users in a way that garners more leads and acquires more sales. Click here to read about how to get employees involved in content sharing. 

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4 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates

Posted on 12/30/2015

Conversion rates are a great way to gain insight into how engaging your landing page is for users, as it is concrete data that shows you how many passersby have turned into leads.

Converting users into customers depends on your ability to turn a browser into a buyer, and your landing page is ground zero. Many times, users are attracted to your company and brand through a multitude of sources. Click here to learn how you can create sale referrals through employee content sharing. Whether they’ve been referred by a colleague, engaged by an employee, or have simply stumbled across your webpage as they browsed online, the ‘make-or-break’ point occurs during their time spent on your landing page.

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3 Ways to Know if Instagram is Right for Your Business

Posted on 12/17/2015

Instagram is a great content marketing platform -- for the right brands. Keep your goals in mind, and align them with the market on Instagram to reap the most benefits.

Social media is essential nowadays when it comes to content marketing, and most big companies already have their foot in the door with several programs like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is one of the newer social media outlets that can leave old-school marketers scratching their heads. Click here to read about how to generate social media content.  Nevertheless, companies continue to take the plunge on this picture-sharing application. Unfortunately, many of these businesses begin their Instagram journey only to find out that it was not the social media boon that they had hoped for. Like all marketing avenues, your business will first want to decide if Instagram is appropriate for your brand. Is Instagram right for your business?

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5 Steps to Building an Employee Advocacy Program

Posted on 12/03/2015

Employee advocates drive engagement, build trust, and extend your marketing reach.

Employees who generate exposure for your company using their own voice and actions are considered employee advocates, and the value of these advocates surpasses any purchased marketing program you may invest in with your marketing. These advocates drive engagement, build trust, and extend your marketing reach. They are fueled by purpose and empowered by passion, and they’re a critical component to Gaggles and our entire GaggleAMP philosophy. If you don’t already have an employee advocacy program in place, organizing one is the key to a coherent social media marketing campaign.  This eBook can help you develop a social strategy with your employees.

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5 Ways to Leverage Twitter's Periscope in Your Marketing

Posted on 05/21/2015

If you haven’t heard of Periscope, it’s sure to start popping up on your radar in the near future. Twitter recently acquired this live video streaming app, and it’s the perfect mix of amateur broadcasting and Skype-like services. Since Twitter launched Periscope in March, many companies are trying to find ways to utilize this app to leverage marketing efforts. Here are 5 ways to utilize Periscope as a marketing tool on social media.

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5 Things You Should Know About LinkedIn's Ad Network

Posted on 04/27/2015

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals, giving your brand the opportunity to foster B2B relationships or to acquire new potential employees. As such, we at GaggleAMP highly recommend investing effort into LinkedIn in order to get the most out of your social media strategies. With millions of users, LinkedIn’s Ad Network is a great resource for advertisers and marketers. Here are five things you should know about LinkedIn’s Ad Network.

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