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Posted on 12/15/2011

Marketers need to take a moment and think about the changes that have taken place over the past few years that will impact sales during this holiday season. One of the biggest changes will be the impact of social media on buying trends. This holiday season, the amount of people who are on a social media network is the highest it has been in history. Facebook alone boasts over 800 million members which represents a greater that 50% growth over 2010. Twitter claims over 100 million members. Between just these two sites, there are almost 1 billion members. What does this mean to brands? Everything. A Facebook member alone has on average 130 friends that follow what they have to say about anything from what they had for dinner to what they are listening to for music. Everyone on social media, whether they know it or not, has become a “recommender”  to a growing number of people.

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Topics: Holiday Shopping, Recommendations, Social Media, Twitter