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3 Steps to Focusing Your Social Message and Boosting Sales Efforts

Posted on 07/30/2015

The productivity of your sales team on social media is dependent on more than just effort; indeed, sales productivity also depends on the efficiency of their efforts as a whole. In order to streamline their marketing tasks, many brands turn to third party specialists for help. Improving sales productivity is a matter of giving your employees the tools they need to succeed and utilizing your employees effectively.

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3 Ways to Improve Sales Productivity

Posted on 07/27/2015

The productivity of your sales team on social media isn’t dependent on a single factor. Indeed, there are many influencers that can affect how productive your sales team is or could be. While some are more obvious (work ethic, goals, etc), others can be harder to pinpoint. Many brands forget that productivity is also dependent on what they provide to their sales team as tools.

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