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Using GaggleAMP's Built-in Google Analytics Tracking

Posted on 02/18/2013

Chances are, your site is like the over 80% of all web sites that use Google Analytics. Whether you know it or not, Google Analytics is a great way to track your social media activity. This post helps you understand how to take advantage of GaggleAMP‘s built-in Google Analytics support.

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Tracking Social Media in Google Analytics via UTM Parameters

Posted on 07/23/2012

Ar you currently using Google Analytics? Are you frustrated that at best, it tells you that your traffic is coming from Twitter or another social network? What many people don't do is to take advantage of better click source information. Google Analytics supports something called UTM parameters. These are additional information bits that are attached to the URL. The UTM parameters are extra information that the Web server does not need. For instance, the URL for this blog post is:

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What the New Secure Google Search Means to Marketing

Posted on 10/18/2011

Google is adding security to their searches for people that are logged in to Google. Their searches will now be done within a Secure Sockets Layer. This means that the Google environment in which they search will have a URL beginning in HTTPS. While the user will not see a difference, it will impact analytics provided to tools such as their own Google Analytics.

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