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6 Steps to Successful Employee Advocacy Programs

Posted on 05/18/2016

Paul Gillin shared a post to the Silicon Angle blog that discussed six steps to successful employee advocacy programs learned at AMPlify: The Employee Advocacy Conference.  At AMPlify, practitioners converged from companies of all sizes and shared their recommendations for getting employee advocacy off the ground and scaling it across the enterprise. In summary Paul has the following suggestions:

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AMPlify Speaker Highlights

Posted on 05/06/2015

AMPlify will soon convene, gathering together speakers at the top of their fields for a one-of-a-kind social media event. Here’s the rundown on these professional leaders from a diverse group of enterprises to give attendees the training and leadership to address unique challenges associated with employee and partner engagement.

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Event Recap: March 2015 Sales Accelerators Monthly Networking Event at HubSpot

Posted on 04/13/2015

Glenn Gaudet, the founder of GaggleAMP, had the opportunity to speak at a recent networking event at HubSpot. Michael Hurczyn, the Director of Inbound Strategy at 710 Studios, provided a great recap of Glenn’s discussion on Social Selling.

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Social Innovation Week

Posted on 04/07/2015

Innovation is what drives us at GaggleAMP. In fact, social innovation is what drives the market as a whole, bringing new and marketable ideas to brands across the world. As a hub for media and marketing, Boston will be hosting its first Social Innovation Week from May 11-15. With more than 100 speakers and over 1,000 attendees, Boston’s Social Innovation week gives brands and businesses a chance to educate their staff in upcoming, profitable social media techniques.

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GaggleAMP Presents AMPlify 2015

Posted on 03/05/2015

We are very excited to announce that this May we will be holding annual AMPlify conference outside of Boston, MA. AMPlify will put leading practitioners at your fingertips, guiding you towards the best routes of success when it comes to engaging users. At AMPlify, you will hear from leading practitioners from companies such as Informatica and Thomson Reuters on how to engage stakeholders and what they have learned from leveraging their own stakeholder communities. Gaggle Managers and social media marketing professionals alike will address issues such as employee advocacy, employee engagement and partner engagement, helping you to combat these unique challenges head-on.

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6 Ways Your Coworkers Can Help Make Your Next Event a Success

Posted on 10/02/2014

Rachael O’Higgins is a Campaigns Marketing Specialist as part of the campaigns team at HubSpot where she is helping to shape HubSpot’s event strategy in EMEA. Recently, she wrote an article titled “6 Ways Your Coworkers Can Help Make Your Next Event a Success.”  Rachael explained that sharing follow-up information post-event is an essential part of event organization. Rachael shared that GaggleAMP is an efficient tool for distributing post-event follow-up.

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Content and the Importance of Sharing

Posted on 04/09/2013

We all know how important creating great content is, but without a magic wand you can't simply make things go viral. In this webinar, we explore content creation and ways of making it "go viral".

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Engaging Employees to Share Corporate Social Media

Posted on 03/17/2013

With the introduction of social media, companies were provided an army of megaphones that had a genuine affinity for the company and its products. This army is the employee base. However, the initial fear many companies had was the inability to control the message. Today, companies are tapping into employees to amplify their social media efforts.

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