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The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Job Description

Posted on 01/20/2016

Your social media marketer is someone who wears many hats, so their job description is constantly adapting and changing to suit the current online market today.

Social media is essential to your marketing strategy, and the folks you hire for the job are tasked with some of the most important aspects to the growth of your company. At its core, social media is about people, relationships, conversations, and the technology that integrates them all together. Your social media manager is thus tasked with handling your brand’s online presence and ensuring that your business interacts with users in a way that garners more leads and acquires more sales. Click here to read about how to get employees involved in content sharing. 

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How to Explain Employee Engagement to Your Mother

Posted on 12/28/2015

Employee engagement is about getting the most out of your largest and most underutilized marketing resource: your employees. As an influencer of advocacy and an indicator of happiness, understanding the value of employee engagement is essential to investing the most effort therein. Unfortunately, many are still unaware of what employee engagement really is, and there are many different ways of describing this essential piece of the marketing puzzle to a variety of people. Click here to learn the history of employee engagement. 

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Are Your Employees 'Singing the Same Song'?

Posted on 11/02/2015

Guarantee everyone is singing the same song by leading employees and ensuring that everyone understands the message and end goal

Part of what gives a company its personality is its employees, and while each employee may have their own way of connecting with users, they’re also representing the unified voice of your brand. Creating a harmony within your company’s target market is essential to creating and setting a tone for your brand, and many marketing managers need to take this into consideration when crafting their social media strategy.  Download this eBook from GaggleAMP to help you develop a social strategy. How does one unify the voices of many so that all employees are essentially ‘singing the same song’?

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Engaged Employees are Loyal Employees

Posted on 10/12/2015

Happy Employees Tend to Want to Share Content and be more Engaged with your Company

Employee engagement and loyalty go hand-in-hand, oftentimes with each influencing each other equally. For instance, an engaged employee is more likely to feel loyalty to the company because they have ‘more skin in the game’, while a loyal employee is more likely to respond by being more engaged on social media by ‘sharing the good news’! Download this eBook to develop a social strategy that involves your employees.  Indeed, one can generally gauge how happy their employees are based on their engagement and loyalty. Let’s take a closer look at engagement, loyalty, and the impacts that each can have on your company as a whole.

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The Most Overlooked Part of Content Marketing?

Posted on 09/17/2015

When asked what the most important part about content marketing is, companies will likely give you a variety of answers. Some may believe it’s creating engaging content, while others may say it’s the ability to get that content to the most people possible. While all of these answers are pivotal in a successful content marketing strategy, many are still overlooking the most important piece to the puzzle: their own employees.

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3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Employee Engagement

Posted on 08/05/2015

Employee engagement - the foundation for employee advocacy on social media - is they key to unlocking a host of benefits for your employees, your customers, and your company as a whole. But many see employee engagement as a natural response to an effective social media marketing strategy, and while this is in part true, the fact of the matter is that ensuring that your employees are engaged should be a priority in and of itself, as it can impact more than just your marketing campaign. Here are three reasons why your company needs employee engagement.

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Employee Knowledge: Do Employees Know How to Share Your Content?

Posted on 08/03/2015

We recently discussed the importance of employee social sharing as an indicator to employee happiness. Indeed, happier employees tend to want to promote their company and ‘spread the good news’, so to speak. But when there’s a lack of engagement and a lack of social sharing by your employees in general, there may be more at work than simply unhappiness. When you step back to analyze the reasons why your employees aren’t active on social media, it may boil down to the capabilities of your employees and whether or not they even know HOW to share your content in the first place.

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Webinar: Amplifying Your Impact

Posted on 06/01/2015

In a recent webinar, GaggleAMP founder Glenn Gaudet explained how to utilize your employees and brand advocates to amplify the impact of your content. GaggleAMP is a powerful tool that helps you to both extend your audience and make it easier for you to engage your employees. Keep these tips in mind to help you amplify your impact:

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