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The GaggleAMP Blog

Your Strategic Marketing Investment

Posted on 01/10/2017

As a company, you spend a fair amount of time and financial investment in the creation of just the right marketing strategy. How you execute this plan, will impact all of your company’s campaigns and ultimately your results in engaging prospects and customers. In order for it to be fully effective employees should be part of the process.

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3 Characteristics of Happy and Engaged Employees

Posted on 12/09/2015

See who is sharing content and who is active on social media on behalf of your company. The ones who are most active are likely reflecting the characteristics of pride, ambition, and happiness. 

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Topics: Characteristics, Employee Advocates, Employee Engagement, employees, Engaged Employees, Social Media in Corporate Communications

Drive Employee Retention Through Employee Engagement

Posted on 10/14/2015

Engaged employees are employees willing to invest extra time and effort into promoting their business and the company

Recently, we discussed the working relationship that exists between employee loyalty and engagement. Between these two factors lies a correspondence wherein each quality affects the other equally, and where one succeeds, the other is driven to also improve. More loyal employees tend to be more engaged, and visa versa.  But both loyalty and engagement are indicators of deeper qualities and characteristics - namely, employee happiness. Check out this infographic to see the positive impact employee engagement has on employees. And where an employee feels happier with their job, their company, and their work; therein lies an employee that is more likely to stick around for the long-haul.

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, employees, Engaged Employees, Retention, Social Media in Corporate Communications