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The Power of Recognition

Posted on 11/15/2016

Employee engagement—and a lack thereof—impacts overall productivity in companies across America. In a March survey, Gallup found that 49.5% of employees were "not engaged" and 16.5% were "actively disengaged." This means that about six out of every ten employees in your organization might not be performing at their best. Unfortunately, this is not a new trend. Employee engagement has lagged for years, and frankly we are in the middle of a worldwide employee engagement crisis

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Employee Recognition

The Value of Employee Recognition

Posted on 10/07/2015

A Recognition Program is an Essential Aspect of your Employee Advocacy Strategy

When it comes to following up with your online advocates, the process involves more than simply glancing at analytics on your GaggleAMP dashboard and issuing a gift card to those who are showing success. Indeed, many of us already understand the importance of addressing successes and potential issues with regular employee reviews and meetings. But even more important is understanding the value of recognizing the achievements of your employees in a way that conveys true respect and gratitude while further emphasizing the importance of your employee to the team, solidifying the relationship between employee and company.

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