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Create Sales Referrals Through Employee Content Sharing

Posted on 11/18/2015

By creating engaging content, supporting employee success, and fostering online relationships, your company has the basic components needed to turn a disengaged user into a sales referral.

Your employees are your key to tapping into networks of users that may have been unreachable by your company’s online marketing efforts alone. As a company, users tend to view your brand as less authentic than, say, your employees. Their perceived authenticity based on the fact that their profiles are connected to one person has the ability to generate more traffic and garner more leads. The trickle-down effect from the time you generate new content until it reaches customers through employee content sharing is important, as the resulting engagement can influence the amount of sales referrals and, thus, sales that your company can acquire. Read here to find out how to get employees involved in content sharing.

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The Power of Employee Influence

Posted on 10/21/2015

Overlooking the Power of Employee Influence is like Looking Over a Vital Component in your Marketing Strategy

Your employees have the power to influence your customers, your business, and your bottom line. For one to overlook their influence is to make a mistake, indeed. With social media especially, the influence that your employees hold over your company and your leads is crucial, as their appropriate wielding of this power can impact the success - or failure - of your social media strategy and content sharing abilities. Download this eBook to start involving your employees in your social strategy. For better or for worse, your employees have the ability to influence your potential client base and impact your social media marketing efforts.

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Master the Art of One-Click Content Sharing

Posted on 09/16/2015

Extending your social reach boils down to the efficacy of your content marketing strategy combined with the success of your employee advocates. The success of the later of those points relies heavily upon how well the company trains and supports their employees. An integral part of the training and support process is finding ways to make social sharing easy for your employees. Indeed, mastering the art of one-click content sharing can increase the likelihood that your employees will continue to share your content in a reliable fashion, allowing you to focus on improving your content marketing strategy over time rather than going back and having to retrain employees continually to ensure that they’re playing their part in the social sharing process. How can your company support one-click content sharing for your employees?

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The Art of Content Sharing

Posted on 09/14/2015

When you’re pushing for a more active content sharing network, what’s your end goal? More clicks? More impressions? Sometimes, companies share content for reasons they haven’t quite clarified, and the companies that feel as though they know what they’re aiming for may be missing the bigger picture entirely. When it comes to content sharing, the act from start to finish is truly an artform. Sure, the metrics and analytics of more clicks, shares, impressions, etc are a great way to gauge your content sharing success, but when you delve deeper, you’ll find that the root causes for these successes lie in a more valuable indicator.

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How to Get Employees Involved in Content Sharing

Posted on 09/03/2015

Your employees don’t necessarily need to be brand advocates to want to share your company’s content. In fact, getting all of your employees on-board with content sharing is a great way to increase the success of your content marketing strategy. The best part is that many - if not most - of your employees probably already feel inclined to share your content and may simply not understand the process, feel comfortable contributing, or know how to share the content correctly. Here are some ways to get your employees more involved in content sharing.

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3 Ways to Make it Easy for Employees to Share Your Content

Posted on 07/13/2015

One of the keys to tapping into your employee advocates is setting them up for success and creating an environment that fosters growth and engagement. Sure, your employees understand the end goal: get more leads. But sometimes simply sending them out into the world of social media with minimal training simply isn’t enough to achieve the marketing goals you originally set out to complete. Your employees should have the tools necessary - whether or not they’re a social media guru - to be able to share your content easily.

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Practitioner Webinar Series: Building Social Media into Your Content Marketing with Brittany Berger

Posted on 11/03/2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 1:30 PM EST

 As a social media marketer, chances are you spend over half of your day figuring out how what content to share and how to get people to share it. Wouldn’t it be great to get some insight into how others are succeeding in social content creation?

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