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Are Your Employees Working for You?

Posted on 01/18/2016

Every time your employee shares your content, they spread brand awareness and touch on new customers which, in turn, garners new leads.

You hire people who can benefit your team and your organization, but are your employees working for you when it comes to content marketing? Social media has opened up a new realm when it comes to marketing your brand, but this also means that there’s a whole new platform with which your employees can interact. Click here to find out about 3 characteristics of engaged employees.

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Do You Know What Glassdoor Says About Your Company?

Posted on 11/26/2015

Glassdoor is not only a great tool for reflection, but it’s also an effective way to build your online reputation for prospective candidates for employment with your company.

What are people saying about your company? That’s one of the major questions that Glassdoor aims to address, and they do it all with the help of your employees. Your employee advocates play a crucial role in spreading the good news about your company, and while you may initially consider social media and content marketing, the fact of the matter is that advocacy goes beyond content marketing -- it can also impact whether or not potential candidates want to work for your company. If you haven’t heard of Glassdoor, it’s time to start asking yourself what’s being said about your company on their website and what you can do to influence it. Click here to read  about the power of your employees' influence. 

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The Value of Honest Content

Posted on 10/02/2015

Creating engaging content is one of the most essential ingredients to a successful marketing mix, but many are often stumped when it comes to finding what truly makes their content ‘engaging’. Some fall into less-than-palatable tactics, and while these methods may garner more traction online, the results can actually hinder the company’s success. Such tactics involve a hint of dishonesty, either through the use of ‘click bait’ headlines (wherein a post has a very intriguing headline that almost forces the user to click the link because of its ambiguity), sales pitch-type content, and flat out untruthful content. The value of honest content can be measured by its impact on your customers, your employees, and your company as a whole.

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