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Tapping the Collective Sales Voice

Posted on 10/22/2015

When Salespeople Work Together in a Unified Team, Customers Can Sense the Unity and the Resulting Authenticity

Your sales team is comprised of a variety of personalities, and each sales person may approach leads and customers in completely different fashions. In fact, these differences are what can help lasso in a wide range of customers to begin with! While harnessing the power of personality within each employee is an important aspect to reaping the most benefits from your sales team, it’s also important to tap into the collective sales voice of your company as a whole. After all, your sales team is a team, and while there may be small individual differences between each person, the collective team must be unified in voice. For tips and techniques to encourage your sales team to get on board with your content strategy, download this eBook

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Topics: Collaboration, employees, Marketing, Sales, Social Media in Corporate Communications, Team

Creating a Sales Harmony

Posted on 10/19/2015

Bring your Teams Together to Create a Company Culture Based on Harmony

There are many different types of people who are employees at any company and comprise a multitude of teams; when these teams are all aligned towards a common goal, the results can be impressive. Unfortunately, many teams - sales, marketing, etc - find themselves working towards individual goals without an open line of communication to other teams within the company. To help encourage sales to actively  to share your content, download this eBook and update your strategy. While many may see this as a necessity for their team to focus on their own goals and strengths, the fact of the matter is that a lack of harmony can hurt the company’s chance of success in the long-run.

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Topics: Collaboration, Employee Engagement, employees, Harmony, Marketing, Sales, Social Media in Corporate Communications, Team