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The GaggleAMP Blog

Webinar: Amplifying Your Impact

Posted on 06/01/2015

In a recent webinar, GaggleAMP founder Glenn Gaudet explained how to utilize your employees and brand advocates to amplify the impact of your content. GaggleAMP is a powerful tool that helps you to both extend your audience and make it easier for you to engage your employees. Keep these tips in mind to help you amplify your impact:

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Know Your Target on Social Media

Posted on 06/06/2013

Spray and pray is a derisive term used by the military to describe the act of firing a lot of ammunition towards a target in long bursts without aiming properly at the target. It’s a waste of (a lot of) ammunition, and since it isn’t aimed properly, there’s a very low likelihood of hitting the target. In social media marketing, the term spray and pray also applies when a business spends loads of time and effort on posts without first defining its target market. Like an errant machine-gunner, a business can fire off a ton of updates, yet still fail to connect with its targets. What this leads to, ultimately, is failure.

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Which Social Media Platforms Are Good For Business?

Posted on 03/22/2012

Your boss walks into your office and says, “Why are we on this Twitter thing? I don’t use it and think it’s pretty silly.” This presents a problem for you. Even worse is when this is your sentiment. The challenge that most people who are new to marketing have use a personal bias in what messaging and channels that should be used.

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