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Using Message Reach and Click Throughs to Show ROI in Social Media

Posted on 02/18/2012

Often, we are asked about the definition of message reach. In social media, messages can travel far beyond what one might expect. That is to say, social media messages have a way of finding the people that want to see them. With GaggleAMP, we track message reach as the first generation of friends or followers that shared the message. We freely acknowledge that this is a conservative approach. Consider the fact that once a message  gets extended because of a social interaction such as a Like or a Retweet, it extends the reach (and life span) of that message. We have received requests to count this additional reach as well. We are investigating and are requesting feedback from our Gaggle Managers.

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Topics: Advertising, Message Reach, Social Media

5 Tips for Marketing on Niche Social Media Sites

Posted on 12/15/2011

Heather Fletcher from Target Marketing interviews GaggleAMP's Glenn Gaudet on advertising and social media:

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Topics: Advertising, GaggleAMP, Press Mentions, Social Media Messages, Target Marketing