The Value of Employee Recognition

The Value of Employee Recognition

A Recognition Program is an Essential Aspect of your Employee Advocacy Strategy

When it comes to following up with your online advocates, the process involves more than simply glancing at analytics on your GaggleAMP dashboard and issuing a gift card to those who are showing success. Indeed, many of us already understand the importance of addressing successes and potential issues with regular employee reviews and meetings. But even more important is understanding the value of recognizing the achievements of your employees in a way that conveys true respect and gratitude while further emphasizing the importance of your employee to the team, solidifying the relationship between employee and company.

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Within your company culture, employees are likely to feel a competitive nature of sorts. Regardless of how one may try to avoid it (while others choose the opposite route, fostering more competition with the hopes of gaining sales), the fact of the matter is that typically one feels compelled to perform their best because of their own work ethic, a company’s expectations, and the pride they take when they see they’ve achieved uniqueness within a company. Thus, your goal as a marketer is to engineer the talent that is innate in your employees, capitalizing on their desires to be recognized through employee recognition programs.

Addressing directly the way that your company would like to handle employee recognition can keep people from ‘playing favorites’ while giving your employees goals to achieve. Here are some helpful tips when crafting your recognition program:

  • Don’t just give out plaques. Your employees may appreciate a plaque on their wall, but that feeling of success can be short-lived and can even feel forced, especially if such awards are given out haphazardly or without any additional consideration other than ‘you’ve earned it’.
  • Foster a feeling of worth. Instead of offering superficial plaques and other adornments to commemorate achievements, instead foster feelings of worth, value, and loyalty for a successful employee.
  • Make the recognition more than just about leadership recognition. In fact, while your employees may seek out praise from ‘higher ups’, they’re also seeking out a feeling of appreciation and acceptance with their peers. Develop recognition programs that make accomplishments and rewards highly visible to all employees.
  • Recognize and reward success without downplaying the efforts of others. When you reward and recognize especially successful employees, make sure you aren’t putting everyone else down. While there’s an element of ‘special’ for a recognized employee, it should never tear down everyone else, as this can actually diminish the development of a happy, successful company culture.

Your employees typically want to be recognized, and the value of such recognition extends beyond an immediate feeling of success; in fact, it can influence peer-to-peer relationships, employee loyalty, and self-value for said employee as well.

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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