Social Media Recruitment is Your Ticket to Top Talent

Social Media Recruitment is Your Ticket to Top Talent

If you want to attract the best job applicants you can, you need a strong social media recruitment strategy. 

Getting the right staff into your business is crucial, and companies need to do everything they can to ensure that they can attract the best possible talent. Having faced one of the most challenging and unprecedented years imaginable in 2020, organizations are keen to push on in 2021 - getting a fantastic team is a vital part of this. 

Social media recruitment is essential because you need to post job openings where these applicants live. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook offer not only very different recruitment possibilities from traditional recruitment channels, but they can also work to augment other ways to bring staff on board. 

Let’s dive into how to make use of social networks for smarter methods of social media recruitment. 

Focus on Your Positives

A benefit of social media recruitment is the ability to show your audience the positives of your organization. This shows why it is so important to show off the best parts of your business via social media - whether that is through your commitment to corporate social responsibility or investing in team activities for your staff. 

It is important to show off exactly why candidates would benefit from working for your businesses - beyond the financial perspective. Increasingly, potential employees are looking to work for ethically positive companies.

Social media allows your brand to highlight its mission, its accomplishments, and its employees. Put your company culture on display and highlight the people who work at your company. This not only shows the faces behind your brand – making your brand more personable – but it also presents your organization as a great place to work.   

Reach a Broader Audience

If you always recruit through the same recruitment channels, you can miss out on a broad range of candidates who simply never engage with those channels. Social media recruitment can open up a much wider audience who may never have reached before. This can have the effect of widening the range of candidates and diversifying your workforce. 

Anthony Murphy broader audience quote

“We have seen the rewards of having a really inclusive hiring policy,” said Anthony Murphy of Murphy’s Liquidation Furniture. “Not least that we have a team of people with lots of diverse ideas. It brings a real mix of characters together who have a different perspective – and that can be hugely beneficial.”

Involve Your Employees

One of the most valuable tools in social media recruitment is your current team of employees. Many businesses make the mistake of only attempting to recruit through their own social media profiles - but getting your team to share job adverts and engage with recruitment drives can be extremely effective. 

Candidates like to see that current members of staff are enthusiastic about the place that they work and feel comfortable recommending it. It is easy to see the difference between a genuinely positive working experience and one that is just trying to be conveyed by a company. 

People will always trust other people more than they trust brands. Including your employees in your social media recruitment efforts works because people are more likely to consider a job posted by their friends than the same job posting they saw from a brand handle. 

People trust people more than brands

If a brand posts on LinkedIn that they are a great place to work with great growth opportunities, you might be a little skeptical. But if a friend or former colleague posts the same thing about the same job in the same company, you are much more likely to believe them. 

Have members of your team involve themselves in discussions regarding roles, as well as promoting your company's post about the position. 

Make The Most of Niche Networks

We have already talked about the importance of networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter - but these are very much the big players, and there is a range of other opportunities too. Industry and even location-specific social media such as forums and other sites can be a huge benefit. 

Take the time getting to know the places that people in your industry or niche discuss work and work-related issues - this can provide you with a fantastic pool of untapped talent. 

Take Advantage

Your business can't thrive and grow if you don't have the right team in place - and with a shortage of skills in some industries, it has never been more important to use every tool at your disposal to find the right staff. 

Social media recruitment not only has the benefit of allowing you to reach a wider range of candidates than you might through traditional channels - but it also means that those candidates who might be engaging with your social media profiles are the ones that are most likely to be naturally interested in your business and niche. 

Now is the right time to involve social media in your recruitment strategy, even if it is something that you have never really considered in the past. This can be a truly fantastic way to reach amazing candidates you simply weren't able to before.

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Gemma Hart

Gemma Hart

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