Set Goals For Social Amplification Success

Set Goals For Social Amplification Success

Before you begin any social media campaign, whether long term or short term, you need to set objectives geared for the success of your business. They need to be cultivated based on the needs of your business and available resources. It is a necessity that goals are not only quantifiable and flexible, but also have an action planned within the most beneficial platform.


Your goals should be measurable, presented in a clear manner with the ability to be quantified. Quite frankly, the bosses want to know that spending money on social media advocacy, whether via employee, customer, or advocate, is worth the expense.

The platform you choose matters, as each social media outlet provides for different outcomes. Some of the most popular sites out there to use are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,  Pinterest, and YouTube – each carrying with it a culture of its own, including language, protocols, and behavior expectations. Do a bit of research on each and how it will help your business achieve its goals.

Be prepared to revisit your goals periodically during ongoing social media activities and at the end of each goal-focused campaign. It is all well and good to have goals and meet them, but the world shifts, so you should shift too.

People change.
Opinions change.
Needs change.

Without setting goals for your campaign you’re basically running backwards in the dark. You need to see where you are going and what’s ahead of you before your can start to plan how you’ll get there. Setting clear quantifiable goals will ensure that you’re not sitting at the finish line one day wondering why you’re there and what the point of getting there was.

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Bradley Yeater

Bradley Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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