Like any new marketing approach, getting your boss to understand the value of your efforts can be a challenge. Unlike other marketing approaches, social media activities should be done by many people in the company. In a perfect world, all of your employees will help spread the word through their own social media graph.

Assuming you don’t already work in a social media friendly company, your challenge is simple, “How do I show the value to my boss?” One of the best ways to sell anything is to put the value proposition in a way that is familiar. Consider the following ways to define the value:

  1. Leads – Leads translate into customers. Customers equal revenue. Revenue is the ultimate marketing justification.
  2. Cost Savings – Effective social media can supplement or replace the use of advertising.
  3. Market Sentiment – Social media is one of the best ways to impact prospect and customer sentiment. Consider defining sentiment benchmarks before and after social media campaigns.
  4. Web Traffic – An effective social media campaign will leverage messages with a URL. This will drive traffic to the destination of your choice… measure this.
  5. Buzz – Traditionally, this has been hard to measure. However, social media provides a rich set of data points to measure on each of the networks.

With all of these approaches, it helps to have tools that can help you analyze, align, amplify and administer your social media campaigns.