Quelling Concerns of Employee Advocacy

Quelling Concerns of Employee Advocacy

 At any regulated organization, there will always be a resistance to change in technology and business processes, including employee advocacy.

TransUnion Buy-In

In our recent webinar with Kristen O’Neill, Corporate Social Media Manager at TransUnion, she described her experience bringing GaggleAMP to her organization, and the concerns many departments expressed.

TransUnion, a Fortune 1,000 company, is one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the United States and has about 7,000 employees in over 38 countries. The Chicago-based organization provides data and technology to help companies assess and manage risk. It also provides credit education to consumers to help them reach financial empowerment.

As you can imagine, TransUnion needs to take security, technology, and business processes very seriously, so it’s completely warranted for it to meet any new software with questions and concerns before implementing it.

In this blog, we cover the concerns Kristen was met with by each team at TransUnion when introducing employee advocacy and GaggleAMP, and how she was able to quell those concerns.

Sales: “It’ll take up too much of our time.”

TransUnion’s sales team has hundreds of members who don’t want to waste time on anything. They want to make sure they focused their time on their many responsibilities rather than taking on another program and learning how to use a new solution.

Fortunately, there is a ton of content available on the importance of social selling and how employee advocacy can help. These include statistics on how much social selling can make life easier for sales teams. By presenting a demo along with research reports on social selling to sales leaders at TransUnion, Kristen was able to earn their buy-in.

“This is going to improve their pipeline; it's going to make them more likely to close,” Kristen said. “This is going to help them sell.”

Kristen’s goal in her presentation to the sales leaders was to let them see for themselves how employee advocacy and social selling were going to make them more efficient as a department, and why it’s something they should be doing already.

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Marketing: “How does this program help us meet our goals?”

Asking marketing to take on a new initiative will be met with concerns over budgeting, time and whether or not it’ll help drive leads.  

So for any employee advocacy solution to be worth marketing’s time and money, it has to help marketers their goals and be able to prove leads came from this specific program.

“GaggleAMP has made this very easy for me,” Kristen said.

GaggleAMP features customizable reporting tools for marketers to use and integrate with many major marketing automation platforms, so marketers can track whether leads come from email, organic, or employee advocacy.

“What we've actually seen in a couple of our recent campaigns…is that we're getting more leads through employee advocacy than we are through our paid method,” Kristen said. “That’s really exciting to see.”

Legal and Compliance: “What about FTC compliance? And how are we going to monitor participants’ activity?”

Any software a regulated organization takes on has to be in compliance.

In order to cover her bases with FTC regulations, Kristen reached out directly to the FTC via email and explained how her company would be using GaggleAMP and employee advocacy. This allowed her to bring those emails to a meeting with TransUnion’s legal team and reassure them that GaggleAMP is in compliance with FTC rules.

The second concern the legal team initially had with employee advocacy was the possibility of employees posting things on social media that don’t represent the company well. But the fact is many employees are already on social media and are oftentimes not following best practices. Kristen showed examples of this to the legal team and explained how GaggleAMP would help.

“[Employees] were not positioning the company how we'd like them to ideally,” Kristen said. “This actually gives it a little more oversight. This allows us to provide [employees] with marketing approved language.”

The GaggleAMP product team worked directly with Kristen and delivered custom functionality that notified her anytime an employee edited a message that was sent out in the TransUnion Gaggle.

“If someone did change the message from what I had pre-drafted, I'm able to very easily see if this is still in line with what we’re allowed to say,” Kristen said. “That gave peace of mind to me and our Legal and Compliance team.

InfoSec: “Is this product safe and secure?”

At TransUnion, information security is of the utmost importance, so every technology that comes through the company’s doors must go through a vigorous review in order to be approved.

Kristen connected the TransUnion InfoSec team with Jason Nochlin, CTO of GaggleAMP, and the two sides were able to go through the evaluation of the product together, as well as the appropriate paperwork.

In order to appease all the concerns of the different departments, Kristen recommends holding separate meetings with each team, and even have a pre-conversation before holding a formal presentation. That way you can feel out what the concerns are for each team and better prepare yourself ahead of each pitch. You’ll be able to speak to these specific concerns directly without overwhelming your audience with too much data.

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond

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