No matter how engaging your content may be, it’s likely to fall flat when you're not marketing appropriately

The way that your company addresses content marketing can make or break the success of your efforts in publishing the content in the first place. By investing your time, effort, and money towards creating engaging content, you’ve basically created the tools you’ll need to succeed; but the fact of the matter is that by simply creating tools without utilizing them appropriately, you’ve simply made for yourself a useless toolbox. Similarly, publishing content is the beginning of the social media marketing process, and content marketing consumes a bulk of the effort that turns an article, video, or image into a progressive, functional tool. Click here to find out if you're overlooking the most important part of content marketing.

Content Marketing Starting Line

Consider this: You’ve spent several hours crafting a video to describe a new product. You’ve done the research, invested the time and effort, and blended together scenes and interviews seamlessly into an enjoyable result that you know will capture the attention of users online. The content covers what you consider the essentials - and more! It’s engaging, it’s informative, and you know people will actually want to watch it.

Now, consider that the publishing of that video on your website or social media account is the last step you take. We take out ‘content marketing’ from the equation completely and consider ‘publishing’ as the end-all to the process. Most of you can probably guess the results. In fact, many of you may have been in this situation before when resources were scant or you were just beginning your social media marketing endeavours. You’ve pushed out tons and tons of content and then allowed it to practically float off into virtual obscurity.

No matter how engaging your content may be, it’s likely to fall flat when you're  not marketing appropriately. When you publish content, you’re setting yourself up with the tools you need to achieve the goals you’ve established with your social media marketing strategy. Content marketing consumes the bulk of your ongoing efforts, and publishing is merely provider of information for you to utilize to set your strategy a-go.

Distinguishing between ‘publishing’ and ‘content marketing’ is essential to understanding what pitfalls you may be experiencing that could be holding your company’s success back. Check out our articles on GaggleAMP about content marketing to get a better understanding of how to market your content appropriately to reap the most rewards.