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Using Google Hangout for Social Commerce

Krishna De is an award winning digital communications, online publicity and content marketing strategist and mentor. She works with large business's HR, marketing and communications departments to develop comprehensive communications and marketing strategies. Krishna recently joined AMP Up Your Social Media’s host Glenn Gaudet to discuss how Google Hangouts On Air can be used for social commerce.

"Don’t ignore Google+!" 

Listen in to the podcast to learn about:

  1. Google Hangouts On Air: What are they and why should social media marketers care?
  2. Examples of how brands are using HOA’s in their marketing
  3. How to use Hangouts On Air to support lead generation and social commerce
  4. The latest App to be added to Google Hangouts – the Showcase App – what it is and how it can be used

Listen to Krishna's podcast here.

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Krishna-De-becoming-a-social-business-inbound-integrated-digital-and-social-media-marketing-tipsAbout Krishna De

Krishna De is an award winning digital communications, online publicity and content marketing strategist, and mentor. She is a regular commentator the media and her expertise in digital and social marketing is featured in several highly acclaimed books.

She is a sought after professional speaker and conference moderator at conferences across Europe.

Krishna guides business leaders on how to integrate content marketing, digital media and social technologies into their business strategy and has worked across numerous sectors including FMCG, energy and utilities, telecommunications, leisure and tourism, healthcare, technology, professional services, membership organizations, financial services, education, public sector and non-profits.

Her corporate clients are typically CEO’s and senior leaders in business strategy, marketing, business development, Human Resources PR and communications.

Prior to establishing her own business, she was a board member of Guinness and Diageo in Europe, Asia and North America and therefore brings a to her workshops an in-depth insight into how digital communications can support the delivery of corporate strategy, enhance business performance and facilitate employee engagement.

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Stephanie Hacker

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