On this episode of AMPUP Your Digital Marketing, host Glenn Gaudet is joined by Brooke Sellas, founder of B Squared Media, a boutique “done for you” social media management and advertising agency.

Brooke and Glenn discuss the tactical or “unsexy” side of digital marketing and look at a variety of factors that could be big game changers for your digital marketing strategy with just a small tweak or adjustment.

Listen to the Podcast Below

What You’ll Learn:

  • What has changed in digital marketing and had the biggest impact on the industry.
  • What triggers a company to look for outside help with social media and the rest of their marketing efforts.
  • How B Squared Media looks at content and sourcing it for their clients.
  • Why you have to educate clients when it comes to the various types of content and what content works on which platforms.
  • How to wrap your engagement strategy around the content you are posting and strategy you are implementing.
  • What ROC is and why you should use it as a measurement vs. ROI.
  • Why you should document everything to help scale your efforts.

To connect with Brooke, visit bsquared.media or via Twitter at @brookesellas.

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