The ‘AMP Up Your Digital Marketing’ Podcast Presents:

Shama Hyder on Video Marketing Trends

On this episode of AMPUP Your Digital Marketing host Glenn Gaudet catches up with Shama
 Hyder, CEO of the award-winning agency, Zen Media, and best-selling author of two books, The Zen of Social Media Marketing and Momentum. Hailed as the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine, Shama guides leading brands to better strategize their marketing efforts for the digital age. She imparts that same guidance in her discussion with Glenn as they explore marketing trends, the power of video and the importance of consistency across all your marketing efforts no matter the medium or platform.

Listen to the Podcast Below

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need to pay attention to native video trends
  • What things you NEED to be thinking about if you are going to be using/creating video
  • How to leverage the same content across the various platforms and mediums to have a broader audience appeal
  • What CTAs you should be using and how to capitalize on them
  • The importance of CONSISTENCY in all your marketing across the board
  • Where to focus your initial marketing efforts especially if you are just starting out with video or other types of marketing assets outside the norm
  • Why you should be testing your marketing ideas out there in the trenches

Connect with Shama at or on Twitter @shama.

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond is the former Content Strategist for GaggleAMP. Outside of work, Ramin likes to run, hike, and take pictures of Boston's best views. You can get in touch with Ramin by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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