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Justin Gray and Marketing Automation Solutions on Social Media

Justin is the founder and CEO of LeadMD, a company that helps marketers build revenue engines. In 2011, Justin realized the potential that lies in creating organic and engaging content, catapulting Justin into the social media mogul he is today! Justin recently joined AMP UP Your Social Media’s host Glenn Gaudet to discuss marketing automations solutions on social media.

“Spend a day with sales. It’s the most high-performance activity you can do as a marketer.” 

Justin discusses tips for providing technology and automation into your social media strategy:

  1. Educate and train your employees. Technologies are easy to purchase, but truly mastering the technology will reap the most benefits for your company. There are always new skill sets for marketers to learn.
  2. Organize your funnel and the technology that helps manage that funnel. The new role of management of the technology stack means that marketing automation is the most broad-based marketing solution. It works to create engagement throughout the buying lifecycle. CRM, GaggleAMP, and other social tools can integrate into an effective buying cycle or ‘marketing funnel’.
  3. Get your marketing and automation teams on the same page. Education and alignment are the top barriers. Naturally, alignment comes with education, and it’s truly a top-down initiative. Have the teams gather in one room and agree on the buying cycle and the universal definitions.
  4. Break away from the traditional marketing funnel diagram. It’s truly more of a bell curve, and communicating to the middle of that bell curve will help those who are stuck in the middle of the B2B cycle. Create engaging messaging to each area of the curve or funnel.

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About Justin Gray
Justin GrayAs a marketing professional, Justing obviously leads a busy life. But he prides himself on always making time to connect with others and building relationships. He speaks both German and English, and he has a soft spot for animal welfare, education, and economic empowerment. He’s a sponsor for Helping Hands for Freedom and is a board member for Future for KIDS.



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