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Improving the Customer Journey Through AI

Steve-Zakur_5458_final-768x768Steven Spielberg is one of the most influential personalities in the history of cinema, and nearly twenty years ago he left theater goers around the country wondering ‘could that ever happen?’ His box office hit A.I. Artificial Intelligence was just released and the idea that machines could take over the world seemed like a far-fetched, crazy idea at the time. 

But, here we are today embarking on a journey where AI and machine learning are pinnacle elements of nearly every organization as we feed our desires to learn more about data. Of course, AI today isn’t the way Spielberg portrayed it in his film, but the premise of introducing robots to humans is very much alive and growing. 

AI is a vast concept, but for marketers, we focus on two main areas: text analytics and machine learning. Text analytics is understanding the natural language and what message it conveys to an audience. Machine learning is using that data to do our jobs more effectively and efficiently. When you can marry those two elements together, it results in truly having the right message in the conversion path at the right time (and backed by data, too).

To help us all understand how this all plays out for marketers, we’re speaking with Steve Zakur, CEO of the digital marketing technology company SoloSegment. His company helps others understand their site search patterns to develop a deep portfolio of quality content. He and his team help us all understand the site search experience and improve the depth of relevant content through artificial intelligence and machine learning. In turn, it helps marketers be better marketers with insight into correlations they may have never previously considered.

In this episode of AMP Up Your Digital Marketing, you’ll learn from Steve:

  • Exactly what is meant by the term ‘AI’ in relation to digital marketers. 
  • How artificial intelligence coupled with machine learning can be more insightful than a human when understanding the customer journey on your website.
  • What it takes from AI to improve the flow and progression of the visitor journey through your website.
  • Why it makes sense for you to implement technology that addresses a very specific pain point of your domain expertise as part of your own growth path for your company.

Using AI and machine learning to power your marketing efforts and website may not sound as adventurous at the SciFi flick, but it will leave a valuable impression on the visitors to your site. Take a listen and learn how it will help improve your website visitor flow and your understanding of what story your data is trying to tell you.

Steve’s Bio: Steve is the CEO of SoloSegment, a digital marketing technology company that helps to better connect customers and prospects with the content they need to convert. To reach Steve you can find him at as well as at

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Ramin Edmond

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