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How to Improve Your Employee Advocacy Program

Whether you’re interested in starting an employee advocacy program or you already have one in place, you definitely want to make sure it reaches its potential. 

Andrew StewartIn this episode of AMP Up Your Digital Marketing, Glenn Gaudet speaks with Andrew Stewart, head of customer success at GaggleAMP. Stewart is running a virtual training session called AMPlify Virtual, where he trains marketers to run their employee advocacy programs the right way. In this discussion, he explains how organizations can make the most of their employee advocacy programs, what mistakes some marketers make, where they should focus instead, and more. You’ll learn:
  • Why you should focus your program on organic engagement.
  • How to get your employees active.
  • What you’ll get out of AMPlify Virtual.

Employee advocacy is a huge way to get your social media presence off the ground, increase your social media reach, drive engagement, traffic to your website, and boost your leads. The trouble is many organizations approach it the wrong way. They focus on sharing content, retweeting the same message, and years ago it was about having 200 employees share the same tweet. 

That’s not how to approach your employee advocacy program, Stewart said. 

“What works on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter this year will look much different next year,” he said. “The best employee advocacy programs are the ones adjusting with that.” 

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What People Want From an Employee Advocacy Platform 

Many organizations find that getting their employees active in a program can be a challenge. In some cases, they can only get 10% of their employees to contribute.

“I see that quite a bit,” Stewart said. “I also see people using very few avenues to get content out. They only use one or two social networks or they don’t use that many activity types.”

He’s seen many organizations switch employee advocacy platforms to GaggleAMP because they want to expand their program in order to take advantage of the larger number of actions and activities such as reviewing a company on Glassdoor, commenting on LinkedIn posts, and blog posts, voting in online polls, and more. Organizations want to strategically grow their program with these activities. 

“The active membership is super interesting to me,” Stewart said. “Let’s say you want your salespeople to be in this program. A lot of marketers are going to assume, ‘Sales should be doing this because I’m giving them content.’ But a lot of program strategies aren’t totally aligned with the goals of those individuals. That could be the platforms themselves, but it’s also how the content and programs are presented to those teams” 

The key is to drive value to the people in your organization so they contribute to the program. A common mistake is assuming that it’s about inviting as many people as you can or just getting leadership to sign off on it. Both are extremely helpful, but that’s not what employee advocacy is about.

“It’s about making sure the goals are aligned with all the different people in the program,” Stewart said. “That’s the only way you’ll get people to do that, and we have a unique ability to do that with our expertise but also the breadth of activities that are in the platform.”

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Employee Advocacy Training at AMPlify Virtual 

AMPlify, The Employee Advocacy and Engagement Conference, was an event held in Boston for each of the last five years. 

It was a great way to get employee advocacy program managers of any platform together to talk about best practices, methods that worked for them, tactics they tried that didn’t work, and network with other marketers. Making connections and learning from each other was one of the best parts of AMPlify, so the goal was to make that aspect of the event even better. 

That is why GaggleAMP decided to host workshops of no more than ten people in different cities around the country to get people in a more intimate setting. The idea is that with smaller groups, people can feel more comfortable talking with each other, asking questions during training sessions, and walking away from the events with new contacts they can use to help each other after the event ends. 

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, those in-person workshops couldn’t happen this year, so instead, Stewart is hosting a series of workshops online. AMPlify Virtual allows people to have close to the same experience over Zoom, and they’ll receive training covering topics such as content management, onboarding, gamification, and more. They’ll also get a workbook that has all the information they’ll need to reference to run their program successfully. 

“We’re taking all of what we learned from not only five years of AMPlify, but 10 years of really working with clients and working with close to 1,000 employee advocacy programs, and turned it into a workshop,” Stewart said. “It focuses on everything from how to align your program with the goals of the organization, how to really do employee management, how to have active members, how to train them and segment internally, how to really go into your content strategy, and analytics...We’re really excited to kick this off.” 

Each workshop is about four and a half hours with breaks throughout. To register for the event, visit, and use promo code PODCAST to get 50% off your registration fee. 

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