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Harnessing Your Employees to Create Great Content

Erin Balsa headshotIn the past, if you stuffed the right keywords into a piece of content, someone might find you but they may not find your content helpful. Today, 90% of content has been created in the last two years so keyword stuffing simply doesn’t work and content creation is becoming a never-ending process. This is a challenge for any content marketer - get people to find you via content so that you can increase brand awareness and drive people to the site. 

In this episode, Erin Balsa, Content Marketing Manager for The Predictive Index discusses how to make your content marketing efforts go further by harnessing the power of your employee network. What happens if your employees are just not writers? They can help, too! Erin delves into how getting executive buy-in led her team to amass 3 gated pieces per week as well as 5-10 well-thought-out blog posts, all while leveraging the strengths of employees even outside of the marketing department.

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In this podcast Erin shares tips on:

  • Writing content to improve lives, solve a problem, or address the pain points of your ideal audience members. 
  • Keyword practices on how to determine what to write about, semantic matching, and keyword intent.
  • Creating content at scale with a lunch and a bit of budget to empower employees.
  • Getting executive buy-in and creating a culture of collaboration to highlight talent while creating helpful tools and topics for their audience personas.

With these tips, you’ll learn how every single person in your company can be a content creator. If you arm them with the tools and knowledge to be confident in their process and let them write or create what they know, you can harness your employees to create amazing content to help with your marketing efforts. 

Erin’s Bio: Erin Balsa is the Content Marketing Manager at The Predictive index. In her role, she oversees the writers, editors, videographers, and photographers to ensure that great content is being put out every day. You can reach her on LinkedIn, where she is fortunate enough to be the only Erin Balsa on LinkedIn.

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond is the former Content Strategist for GaggleAMP. Outside of work, Ramin likes to run, hike, and take pictures of Boston's best views. You can get in touch with Ramin by connecting with him on LinkedIn.

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