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Global Social Media Marketing with Piyush Prem


Piyush Prem is a Senior Specialist on the Social Media Team at Informatica, a data management solutions company based out of India. He, and his company, are a customer of GaggleAMP. Piyush handles issues related to B2B sales through social media, PR through social media, and employee advocacy. He began his career as a market researcher working in traditional marketing but quickly realized the importance of social media in the business world. Piyush recently joined AMP UP Your Social Media’s host Glenn Gaudet to discuss the power of social media and a company’s transition to using social media in various regions of the world.

To be successful in the business world, companies need to have a social media presence that is customized based on region and channel.

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Piyush discusses social media marketing in a global world.

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly utilized thanks to increased personal use at alarming rates, especially by the newest generation which seems to have been born into social media. A misconception exists that this new generation understands marketing just because they understand social media from a personal aspect. Fact is, social media marketers need to have a clear understanding of marketing practices to utilize social media successfully for brand development.

For someone that is keen on what is happening in the market and is also proficient in social media, then that person would understand the power that exists with utilizing social media.  They would be able to address a well-defined target audience, know how to place a product in social media, and understand the best way to apply marketing resources on social media.

As a company establishes their social media presence, they must accept that there is a broad range of experience with social media from none to expert. They need to recognize this is true for both employees and consumers. Ultimately, change is difficult for seasoned marketing executives that are well trained in traditional marketing. The real-time feedback can be overwhelming to those that are brand new to social media marketing. But once marketers get the hang of social media, they easily recognize the strength behind social media as it impacts and drives a company’s success.

Building a social media presence begins with recognizing that a company must show customers that they are listening to customers’ immediate needs through engagement on social media. Otherwise, it will be a loss to the company because the customers will turn to a product from a company that engages with them on social media.

Marketing is no longer about selling; Rather, it is about engagement with the customer base about the products.  Social media allows a person to share their expertise with a larger audience while still sitting at their own desk. This help to increase both a company’s brand and their employee’s own brand value in the market space.  It is marketing for the product and for the employees as thought leaders.

This exists at a global level with varying regionalized issues.  Of key importance is the acknowledgement of two aspects in terms of communication barriers: language and culture.

To overcome these barriers, you cannot rely on your corporate social media team that is based in one location with one culture and language.  You need people on the strategy team that are from the region in question to ensure that the created marketing campaigns understand local limitations of language and cultural differentiation.

Local team members keep the corporate marketing team up to day with local activities, festivals, and events so that the marketers know just how to engage the local target audience.  This allows the social media influences to be much more effective with greater visibility for the product, even if not for the marketing team. 

When you enter a region, you need to start with a clean slate for that region.  Begin with learning about the culture and language of the region first, then gather information about how to best utilize the social media platforms that are most useful for that region. It becomes essential to know what social media platform is best utilized in a region of the global world.

It should always be: learn about a region and create the strategy, not create the strategy and then figure out a way to implement it. It simply won't be effective that way.

As a company enters into employing social media marketing, start slow. Learn about the market before you launch your strategy in a region. You likely won’t not need all your social media channels in all regions. And, have a well-defined content strategy in place so that once you know the best social media channel for a region the material is ready to share.

Do not let your content go stagnant. Always stay current with new content or re-packaged content to continuously engage your audience, because out of sight, out of mind might just mean that you, and your product, might just be forgotten, which does nothing for brand growth. 

Engage constantly so your audience remembers you.

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About Piyush Prem


Piyush Prem is a Senior Social Media Specialist for Informatica, Market Researcher, speaker, and client of GaggleAMP. He assists clients worldwide with their data management needs as it relates to social media. 

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