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Driving Conversions With Retargeting and Research

Marketing is super simple, right? All you need to do is get some folks on your website, retarget them until they are ready to buy, and bada bing, bada boom, you have sales! If it were only that easy, right? 

The thing is marketing is tough and retargeting website visitors with the right message at the right place at the right time is truly a science. It entails a great deal of research and a well-oiled machine to get the gears all working together. But, when your message resonates with the right person, when they are ready to buy, the magic starts to happen.

Today we’re speaking with Daniel Daines-Hutt, internationally recognized and certified Digital Marketer, Public Speaker, and Marketing Consultant. He dives into the importance of proper research and the effects it can have throughout your entire business when trying to have a one-to-one conversation with a potential buyer of your product. By failing (yes, you read that right), you become a stronger and better marketer in your advertising and retargeting efforts.

In this episode of AMP Up Your Digital Marketing, you’ll learn from Daniel:

  • How the process of proper research can drive success beyond our retargeting campaigns.
  • Why the process of creating a one-to-one message can be time consuming but an absolute necessity for your business.
  • How to fail as an adult. We’re all pre-wired to want to be successful, but to be an effective marketer, failing brings success.
  • The four types of non-buyers, and how you speak directly to each of them.

Position yourself for failure, you have our permission! It will open your eyes to being a better marketer and will help you understand why proper A/B testing and retargeting can be infinitely effective in driving conversions for your business. And who knows, marketing may become super simple after all -- or at least your retargeting ad strategy might.

Daniel’s Bio: Daniel is an internationally recognized and certified Digital Marketer, Public Speaker, and Marketing Consultant. He runs the retargeting blog Inbound Ascension the website Amp My Content, which marries together the two worlds. He is also an Englishman living in New Zealand and built Inbound Ascension while traveling as part of a 66 day challenge to grow a business to 10,000 email subscribers and 130,000 site visitors. If you want to reach Daniel, you can contact him here.

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Ramin Edmond

Ramin Edmond

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