On this episode Glenn Gaudet is joined by Corey Tomlinson, Content Manager at Nuix, a technology company that creates software that finds focus in big data and complex formats for digital investigations, cybersecurity incident response, insider threats, litigation, risk management, and many other essential challenges.

Corey works on a wide range of content to support the company’s global marketing, and is a free lance author.

On this episode, Corey Talks about handling content around employee advocacy, challenges that come with it and how he overcomes it. 

Listen to the Podcast Below

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the digital marketing landscape has changed
  • Getting over the hurdle of finding content
  • The importance of organization and accessibility for sales teams
  • Filtering through large amounts of information
  • Wrapping engagements around a piece of content
  • Getting your best content to the eyes and ears that need it

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