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CC Chapman on Creative Instigation for Business Success

 C.C. Chapman is a writer, photographer, and creative marketing consultant. He works on a variety of freelance projects, produces books, and teaches at Bentley University. He has been online in some capacity since 1989 and that has evolved into his current practices with modern social media tools. His focus often includes helping companies achieve their goals in the best way possible using the right tools of social media. C.C. recently joined AMP UP Your Social Media’s host Glenn Gaudet to discuss how a company and its employees can become successful creative instigators through their use of social media and inspired marketing strategy.

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Create and consume more. Anything and everything – then figure out how it benefits your business. Success comes with a strategy based in many creative ideas.

C.C. discusses becoming a creative instigator in the social media world:

  1. Tools are Secondary.  Social media is about finding people online and connecting with them. Leveraging multiple mediums is great, but first, a company needs to have a creative marketing campaign in place and then figure out how to use the various mediums available within the social media universe. Your strategy team should first craft a message aimed at the right audience and then select the right social media tools, including atomization and amplification, to get the message out to your audience.
  2. Know the Purpose of Social Media Tools. Twitter is meant for sharing tidbits of information to entice people to visit a website or take some action. Facebook has more space for more information. Instagram is for sharing images that will drive customers back to a webpage or into the store through the image. Ultimately, you should ask what using a particular tool will do for your company.
  3. Play to Your Strengths. People need to figure out what they do best and find an outlet to highlight that. For instance, if you aren’t good at taking pictures, then don’t take pictures. Hire people to take your pics or don’t do it. This means, then, that Instagram may not be the best tool for you to utilize in executing your strategy. Whatever you put out in the world speaks to your company and you want the messaging to represent the best possible image of you.
  4. Ideas are the Foundation for Success. And the execution of them makes all the difference in the success of your business. Consume more non-marketing knowledge across many mediums, both on social media and off. You never know what it may spark in you, which leads to creation. Create, even if only you will see a creation – it will lead to what you do choose to share using whatever tools fits your strategy. Share widely as a creative instigator, as it might spark something creative in one of your followers.
  5. Experimenting is great. Even when there seems to be no point, trying things out is always good to get to know a new app or feature. It may spark ideas. But don’t invest a ton of time or money until you have a plan as to how to use a tool or its components.
  6. Marketing is not easier because of social media. It is different and often less expensive, but it still requires a strategy.  Create a strategy first, then figure out how to execute it. There is a lot of work that goes into the creative process that begins and ends with the needs of your company and its customers. And you need to have a way to measure results. This means recognizing that every new app or feature won’t work for every company or marketing campaign.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Thoughts of Others. Ask employees what they can contribute to the marketing process. Conduct a survey of your customers to find out what you are doing right or wrong. Allow for replies on newsletters or offer space on your website for consumers to tell you what they think. Be open to hearing from a variety of people to better inform the execution of your ideas.

All in all, the ideas developed and the tools engaged should work toward the benefit of a business goal that is communicated through a solid marketing strategy. 

CC would love to hear from you! Visit his website or find him on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn).

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About C.C. Chapman

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C.C. Chapman dedicates his time to providing creative marketing services to a wide range of clients. His motto, “I Do Stuff. I Go Places.”, truly sums up his role in the business world as a creative instigator. He is co-author of the International Bestseller Content Rules and author of Amazing Things Will Happen.

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