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Making it Easy for Employees to Share & Promote Their Stories

Bernie Borges is CEO of Find and Convert, a B2B digital marketing agency. Borges is a consummate content producer.  He blogs regularly on Find and Convert’s OptimizeThis blog, speaks at marketing conferences, and educates his clients through private workshops and webinars. Borges is also the executive producer of the Social Business Engine, digital media property which showcases brands in action using social media strategically across the business.

Bernie recently joined AMP UP Your Social Media’s
host Glennice-cream-sandwich-approach-e1452807736106 Gaudet to discuss his view on employee advocacy and how employees can be more involved in the content creation process. 

“Make it easy for the employee. Don't put the burden on the employee. Just capture the story from the employee and the marketing department then produces the story. They write it, they make it look good, they give it back to the employee and say "Here's the story from our interview" and the employee goes "Wow I told that story! It looks great! I said that?" and make it easy for them to share it.”

Bernie shared a methodology he likes to call “The Ice Cream Sandwich Approach.”

  1. Storytelling -  Stories that are authentic and relevant are impactful when originating from the employee subject matter experts across the enterprise. Stories that are actionable take planning.
  2. Employees - Employees are the domain experts. Harness their storytelling potential by making extremely easy for them to share their stories and expertise.  
  3. Marketing - It’s the job of marketing to convert captured conversations into stories and allow employees to easily share those stories. The most important responsibility of the marketing team is to make stories actionable – stories so meaningful that the consumer wants to take an action. 

Listen to Bernie's podcast here. 

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Bradley Yeater

Bradley Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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