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Discipline and Consistency to be a Successful Podcaster

On this episode of AMPUP Your Digital Marketing we start a new series focused on podcasting as a marketing tool.  First up in the series is Mark Schaefer, co-host of the popular podcast, The Marketing Companion.  In this discussion, Mark talks about his tough decision to start a podcast.  He shares some guidelines for deciding if a podcast is right for you and your brand and talks about the value of podcasting in a changing digital marketing landscape.

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  • Your podcast as to be something you love because your audience can tell
  • Determine underserved, unmet needs of customer/audience
  • Take a holistic perspective when deciding on whether or not to start a podcast and be a content creator
  • A lot of the dependable marketing channels are going away so a podcast becomes a new way to connect with your audience
  • Podcasting isn’t for everyone and every brand and it can’t be about selling stuff
  • Presenting information in a way that is relatable
  • Need discipline to be a podcaster:
    • Be consistently interesting and bring value
    • Allow yourself to absorb content and ideas
    • Write them down as you hear or see them
    • Schedule time to do your prep work
    • Requires a different mindset – thinking like a writer or journalist
  • We create content, but content also creates us
  • Gaining audience
    • Starts with your differentiation, having a unique brand that is distinctive
    • Is there even an audience big enough to matter?
    • Establish goals for your podcast that will guide your marketing to the audience; backward engineer the podcast based on this
  • Just START!  You can’t be perfect and won’t ever be, but if you start you can improve and move forward.

Connect with Mark at, on twitter @markwschaefer or on LinkedIn

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Brad Yeater

Brad Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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